Membership Questions

Do I have to be a member of National ABWA to be a member of WEWEN? Yes, in order to be a member of WEWEN you also need to be a member of ABWA national. The national organization gives you access to Community Connections, APEX training, scholarships, and regional and national events. Your WEWEN membership give you access to our local events, networking, scholarships, and training. 

Do I have to be a business owner to join WEWEN or ABWA National? No, we are group made of stay at home parents, business owners, professionals, and students.

Do I have to be a woman to be a part of WEWEN or ABWA? No, ABWA was founded by a man and we have many male "Manbers" in our organization. We have found that male professionals and business owners add to the diversity of our group and happily welcome them to our local and national events.

What are your membership fees? WEWEN's fee is $60 per year due annually on your anniversary date. ABWA's fee is $115 per year due annually on your anniversary date.

Can I cancel my membership? Membership in ABWA and WEWEN is annual. You can allow your membership to laps as opposed to renewing it on your anniversary date. There are no refunds for membership. 

Can I transfer my membership to another person? Membership is a personal individual membership that can not be transferred to another person.

Can I keep my membership when I change companies? Yes, membership is a personal individual membership that can move with you from company to company.

Do you offer discounted membership fees? ABWA offers a student discounted rate of $50 per year to students currently enrolled in an accredited university or college. 


How often do you meet? We meet monthly as an organization, but also have many other networking, social, and educational opportunities held locally, regionally, and nationally. 

Are children welcome at meetings? It is discouraged to be in attendance with children under the age of thirteen. We do have one future leaders event each year where children are encouraged to attend. Childcare is not available at our meetings.

Am I required to bring guests or participate in one on ones or referrals? Guests are always welcome at WEWEN, but not required. We encourage members to participate in our Bizfriend initiatives, but it is not required to participate in that program.

Am I required to attend all meetings? It is encourage to make as many monthly meetings and events as possible, but we do understand if you can not make it some meetings. Attendance is not a requirement of WEWEN or ABWA.

Are their any additional fees for food or parking? Yes, each meeting/ event requires payment for attendance these fees range from $15-$50 depending on the event type and purpose. There are no other fees like parking.

Can I get a refund if I pay for a meeting/event that I miss? No, we do not offer refund for missed meetings/events that you have paid for. 

Can I pay for my guests? Yes, you can pay for and register guest yourself when you RSVP.


Is this a political organization? It is ABWA and WEWEN's mission to bring together a diverse group of business owners and professionals. We are not a political organization and do not make any political affiliations. 

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